Getting Ready for Summer

I'm not a huge fan of the rain today but it makes me look forward to summer even more!
I know it is still spring and it's hit and miss these days for sunshine, but every day that there is a chance of sun on my weather app I have a huge smile on my face. Jake gets up every morning (quite early) and goes downstairs. MY favourite mornings are the ones where he says, "Mommy, guess what?!? (In the most excited voice) It's sunny!!!"
We are so excited to spend our first full summer in our new home this year. We moved during summer last year and as you can imagine it was a bit  busy with home renovations, unpacking etc. So this year we feel blessed to be able to enjoy our home, space and backyard this summer. 

Our first addtion to our backyard is this adorable picnic table for children from Wayfair . I wanted our kids to have a place to enjoy their snacks, lunch, popsicles and dinner outside in summer. I love that the benches are the perfect size for little children. Kinsley and Jake both hopped right on to the benches and loved their new seating!

There is a colourful umbrella that stands in the middle of the table that is easily removable. However, the umbrella is perfect for providing a bit of shade on those hot summer days - Wayne tells me it's going to be a scorcher summer this year. Fingers crossed that he's right!

The second piece we added from Wayfair was the Wicker White Storage Box . I love the white woven texture on the outside and it boasts so much space inside to store all of our outdoor equipment. This summer I want my kids to enjoy playing outside all day - but there is nothing better than tucking away those toys at the end of the day. A clean home, backyard etc. gives me peace of mind at the end of the day. Plus, the top of the storage basket creates the perfect surface for serving some fresh watermelon or frozen dessert on a hot summer day! 

What's next? Well, besides cutting the grass, and getting rid of all the weeds .... I would love to add a little veggie corner, a bit of brickwork and maybe a small playhouse for the kids. I love that Wayfair is a one-stop shop for all my home needs and they have such great prices if you are looking to spruce up your home or even just your backyard. 

I definitely have some big dreams for the backyard so check in with me next summer :)