Keepin' it Clean

Does anyone else find that in the fall and winter you are constantly washing your hands? Maybe it's because I have little children in my life but I feel like I am constantly cleaning, scrubbing and washing something that has gotten wet/muddy/dirty. Well I found a new favourite for kitchen products that I absolutely love and had to share (mostly cause they work and smell amazing)!

fruits and passion-1.jpg

I recently tried Fruits & Passion's face masks at a Pampering Evening a few weeks ago and loved them! Fruits & Passion creates a beautiful line of Hand, Body, and Skin care products as well as items to use in the Kitchen. The hand soap comes in a gorgeous glass bottle - one of the prettiest soap bottles I have ever used but I love that you can buy a large refill bottle so your gorgeous glass can be reused over and over!

fruits and passion-3.jpg

My kids always seem to be interested in anything new I'm doing so naturally they wanted to join in on the fun. I've never seen kids so excited to do the dishes which made my heart jump and I'm also hoping that this excitement sticks for years and years! After using the dish soap from Fruits & Passion, there was no residue left over in my sink when we were finished washing and my hands felt smooth and beautiful. That was a big difference I noticed using their dish detergent compared to regular leading brands and my hands are thanking me with this dry, Fall air.

fruits and passion-7.jpg

For me, I always want to smell the soap first and I loved these flavours: Corriander and Olive Tree, Lime Zest and Cypress and my absolute favourite, Sea Salt and Amalfi Lemon!

fruits and passion-2.jpg
fruits and passion-6.jpg

Then things got a little wild! No need for a bath tonight because Kinsley took the opportunity to wash her own hair! It smelled like fresh citrus all day!

fruits and passion-5.jpg
fruits and passion-4.jpg

You can't beat a fresh smelling house and that is exactly how my kitchen smells right about now thanks to Fruits & Passion!