What We Are Reading These Days

A day doesn't pass where we don't read at least one book to our kids and I'm sure it's similar in your household. Kids soak up the stories, they have their favourites and there are always a few that us moms or dads can recite from memory!
Having a few new books from Chronicle Books in the rotation can do wonders in your kids' minds to develop new questions, expand imaginations, and have a few new favourites when it comes to that bedtime routine. 

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Have you heard of the "Peek-a" Series? Kinsley received the "Peek-a-Who?" book for Christmas last year and loved it so we were delighted to learn there were more in the series. These board books are perfect for babies, toddlers and even preschoolers! 

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I could barely get this book, "Professional Crocodile" into Jake's hands fast enough because there was a crocodile on the cover! At first, Jake noticed there were no words in this book which made space for an incredible moment of retelling and creativity. I love when books don't have words and children can use the pictures to create their own story - however you can also follow the story the pictures create for you :)

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"Nothing Rhymes with Orange" was a new title to me. It is a cute, playful story about how all the other fruits rhyme so easily with other words. It is a great picture book for toddlers, preschoolers and young children because it introduces them to rhyming words in a familiar and fun context! The illustrations were very creative and we were pumped to add it to our collection.

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These last two board books, "Baby Giraffe" and "Baby Chipmunk" were a wonderful surprise. Each board book has a built in finger puppet so children can make the animal come alive during the storytelling. Both Kinsley and Jake loved these adorable mini books! I love when children can help tell part of the story and this was a wonderful way to make the animals come alive! I think I may need to sneak a couple more into Kinsley's stocking this year!