Keeping Warm with Mill Heat

We have had some cold, snowy days here in Vancouver and as some of you know, my little family lives in a basement suite. Some days it has been so frigid we have turned our oven on just to help heat up our house. I grew up in a home with fireplaces constantly on, candles always lit (as opposed to my husband who is from Winnipeg!) so I LOVE being warm. Thankfully we found Mill Heat and no longer have to keep a blanket wrapped around me while I play trains with Cairo.

No-shirt Tuesday because we can! Cairo also loves feeling his belly and pointing to his belly button. We are working on him being able to point to his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. but for now, we can do "head" and "belly button" on a good day :)

mill heat-8.jpg

This is the first heater I have found that actually looks great in any room as it is so slim and sleek and works so well in our space. These heaters use oil so the air doesn't dry out and they actually heat up a room 28% faster than other heaters because of their Mill Heat Boost Technology. You can find these in Canada at Costco, Amazon and Hudson's Bay. If your house is cold this is seriously a great purchase. Or....simply enter our giveaway at the end of this blog post and possibly win one for free!

It's hard to get this guy in focused pictures any more because he is always on the go! But one thing he will sit for are books! Anything from Priddy Books we love.......oh and of course we always can sit for Paw Patrol!

Cairo's room is in the very far corner of our basement so it's actually the coldest. Mill's mini heater works great in here and gives great warmth to his room without drying him up. We also play in his room a few times a day so it's nice to able to not have to throw on a sweatshirt when we come in here. 

Cairo's shirt is from Binky Doodle, thanks Jessie!

We all know you aren't the boss Cairo but you sure try to be sometimes :) If you are feeling a bit cold during these snowy days maybe Mill Heat can help! Enter our giveaway below and add this amazing heater to your home or office :)

Using the entry form below, a random winner will be selected on
February 12, 2017 to win a Mill 1000W Oil Heater (value $169.99)