Cairo's New Room

This kid. So full of joy (with momentary tantrums) and talks about meeting his baby sister so often I just about can't handle it. We knew that we would have to move him out of his crib and get him used to a big bed before baby came along and he handled this transition like the champ that he is. I'm excited to show you how we transformed David's old office space into Cairo's new room! 
P.S. you can see Cairo's old nursery here

cairo toddler room-14.jpg
cairo toddler room-2.jpg

My vision for this room really started with this bed that I had my eyes on from A Child's Nook; it is my favourite part of Cairo's room. Courtney and her husband sell these house beds from their home grown business (read more about them here in this amazing letter to their future birth mother) and all funds raised from their business go to helping them fund their adoption. I loved reading about their story and how their family is working hard to complete their family through adoption - so amazing! 
Cairo absolutely loves his wooden house bed and I wasn't worried about him falling off (which he has in the middle of the night) as the mattress is low to the ground. He is a big fan of running and jumping onto his bed which makes this his favourite part of the room too :)

cairo toddler room-10.jpg
cairo toddler room-7.jpg

I picked up this shelving unit from Ikea and also bought those drawers and cupboard doors that are add-on options at Ikea. This gave me a space to put toys without them being seen all day and I left the top shelves open for books and two of these Rainbow Jacks Bins from Pehr Designs for extra toy storage. I love the bins as they add some colour to the plain, white shelf and Cairo can easily pull them out to grab toys by using the handles; which he loves to do!

cairo toddler room-19.jpg
cairo toddler room-12.jpg
cairo toddler room-13.jpg
cairo toddler room-6.jpg

And this rug from Lorena Canals I am LOVING! First's washable. Like "throw-it-right-in-the-washing-machine" washable. What. A. Dream. 
Second, it provides a huge space where Cairo and I can sit comfortably and play with his toys as opposed to just sitting right on our laminate floors (saves many bum pains!). 

cairo toddler room-11.jpg

If you haven't heard, I'm a big baseball fan so I obviously had to include a few pieces that were in Cairo's nursery into his toddler room. I was pregnant with Cairo when I got to go on the trip of a lifetime for me and visit Fenway Park and that's where we got to announce that we were pregnant! Cairo and I love watching baseball games together and his favourite team is also the Boston Red Sox ;)

cairo toddler room-15.jpg
cairo toddler room-5.jpg
cairo toddler room-8.jpg

Books are such a huge part of our bedtime routine and I love that we chose to do a full-size bed for Cairo so that David or I could have a space to lie down and read/sing with him before he goes to sleep. 

cairo toddler room-9.jpg

I had so much fun not only designing this room but piecing everything together for Cairo before our little newborn gets here. I can't speak more about the benefits we have found about using a bed on the floor for Cairo, especially because we transitioned him at 22 months out of his crib so a huge thanks to Courtney at A Child's Nook for making this gorgeous house bed for us!