Kinsey's Big News

T H I S   G I R L   I S   W A L K I N G ! ! !

I can hardly believe it. It's been months and months of holding on to my hand and walking all over the house combined with this strong will to not walk on her own (literally ending up in tears if I dare let go). This is a milestone that we have been waiting for and we think its worth celebrating.

She took maybe three steps earlier in the day and then ended up taking seven or eight later on (both to auntie Lauren!) and then all of a sudden, started walking. And by walking, I mean completing hundreds of steps in a row while doing laps around our kitchen island. She would giggle, walk, fall-down, giggle, follow Jake, giggle some more, and it was just such a special moment in my kitchen that day. We are so blessed with this little girl! I love having a girl who can accessorize with me. Kins' little headband is from Arrow and Lace Designs. When she pairs it with her little stuck out tongue, that's hard to beat:)

Crazy 8 knows how I feel about this little one! Tres Lovely is right! Oh how I love her.

Cairo on the other hand is like "old news Kins." But seriously, Cairo and Kins are these two sweethearts that literally light up when they see each other. When one of them comes through the door to visit, they are both ecstatic to see each other and basically start doing handstands they are so excited. One day we will get that on video but for now, we just enjoy the moment each time. 

Cairo and Kins are wearing Crazy 8 clothing and I especially love Cairo's Tattersall Shirt buttoned right up underneath a Tipped Cardigan. Basically makes him look SO grown up!

That's our big update today - Kins is finally walking and Cairo is just happy as a clam walking beside her :)