Pool Time, Snack Time!

Last week's weather Report: -5 today Celsius!. Will repeat, -5 Celsius. We are definitely not used to these chilly temperatures here in Vancouver. So obviously we decided it would be a good idea to go to the POOL!

I know. ridiculous. Of all days.
Sidenote: I saw this video last week and laughed so hard as we complained about our FREEZING temperatures!

I'd like to tell you about our fun-filled day at the pool and how much our children learned and grew and just how we conquered the world that morning....but it didn't quite go like that. There is a total of  T W O  photos of our kids in the water because that's about as long as they lasted. It was a solid hour to get everyone dressed, loaded up in the car, into their swimsuits, into the pool....a mere 15 minutes in the water....followed by another 15 minutes to get everyone out of their wet suits and into dry, layered clothing to embrace the winter air. Worth it?

pool and library 2-1.jpg

I think this pool day may have actually been worth it -  for me. I had  Z E R O  desire to get in a bathing suit, in January, at a public indoor pool. But I did it for my kids, and isn't that what this whole #momlife journey is about? Conquering a little fear, a little self-doubt, and showing your kids ( & maybe just yourself) that you are strong.
Today was a win in my books.

After swimming, these three were ready for a snack. We found the most amazing bars recently and wanted to share. Truth be told, Jake loves fruit snacks. I always thought I would be the mom who serves her kids healthy meals 24/7 and while I strive to do the best I can, fruit snacks and gummy treats always seem to sneak in.
Enter "That's It" Fruit bars. 

The name really says it all. That's It fruit bars are made with fruit. That's it!!
The apple strawberry bar is made with: apples and strawberries.
Those are the only two ingredients in the bar! How incredible is that.
The best part is, the fruit bars taste fantastic! Our kids loved them, devoured them and Cairo was instantly nodding his head for more. Kinsley loved the Apple Banana Bar while Jake's favourite was the Apple Coconut

I love that these bars are so convenient to throw in my purse or diaper bag or lunch kit and I know my children are eating healthy, pure ingredients. They are awesome! We can't wait to try the Apple Pear, Apple Mango and Apple Cherry next! 

Today, it finally feels warmer again and maybe we can head outside, chase some sunshine and enjoy a snack or two. Happy Monday!