Last days of Summer

We live for sunshine so we always feel like time moves too fast in the summer. We look back to even the beginning of summer and can see how our little ones have changed. They now stand a little taller, speak a little more, and sleep a little less :)

Battat summer 2017-6.jpg
Battat summer 2017-5.jpg

While our kids are growing up quickly, right before our eyes, we know that days out exploring are important for learning and also our sanity as we all know how kids get when they are cooped up in the house for too long!!
We take to the beach often on hot days and this summer was no different. I live about 10 minutes from the beach so even if his cousins aren't able to make it one day, it's still pretty relaxing to take Cairo and have him play while I soak up that glorious sun. 

Battat summer 2017-3.jpg

I have never really owned any beach toys for Cairo - we are always hoping the cousins come so we will have something to play with or we settle for throwing rocks in the water. But we recently used the B. Ready Beach Bag from Battat and it is the perfect mix of everything you need for the beach in its own little carrying case = life simplified. The dump truck is obviously the hit in Cairo's world but I love that it comes with one of everything; bucket, shovel, watering can, dump truck, rake, etc. 

Battat summer 2017-1.jpg
Battat summer 2017-7.jpg
Battat summer 2017-11.jpg

Chelsea doesn't live 10 minutes from the beach and some days you don't quite have the energy to make that trek so a sprinkler in the back yard is a lifesaver.

Battat summer 2017-13.jpg
Battat summer 2017-14.jpg

We talk almost daily about how cute Kinsley is. Cairo kind of stole the show as a baby in the cuteness department but Kinsley has taken the crown in these last few months. We see her growing into this beautiful little girl and she gives the best smiles and hugs whenever I walk through the door.  She knows how to melt your heart. 

Battat summer 2017-15.jpg

When it's 35 degrees in September, you HAVE to turn on the sprinkler! A Whirly Whale Sprinkler to be exact. 

Just stopping right now to embrace and enjoy these last few days of summer has been lovely. Pretty soon hot afternoons will be few and far between. Also thankful for cool baths at the end of the day to get all the summer dirt off these little bodies and then later, ice-cream when the kids are in bed for this 7 month pregnant momma.