Back to "School" Series : Joe Fresh

Step 3 : Fall Wardrobe

Growing up, I always wore a uniform to school so I always felt like I missed out on the "back to school" shopping. Now, with little kids of my own, come August, I'm always cleaning out their closet and looking to see what sizes and items I am missing for their fall wardrobes. I love buying local or handmade products and some of our favourite companies right now are Beau Hudson, Darling + Bandit and Jax & Lennon.
However, I feel like I still always need a few different pieces here and there to make sure my kids have enough clothes for fall/winter. In my area there are a couple of stores that carry Joe Fresh and I love their line! Joe Fresh clothing lines are always on trend, fit well and are affordable!

Joe Fresh BTS-8.jpg

Fall and plaid go hand in hand in my opinion. I immediately fell in love with this plaid dress for Kinsley and desperately wanted to twin with her! She can wear the dress alone with a pair of slip-ons when it is warm in September or add a pair of Navy leggings and brown fringe booties for the colder months. 

Joe Fresh BTS-7.jpg

Cairo is wearing some khaki joggers, a navy henley long sleeve and a classic charcoal grey hoodie. We always joke about how our kids are more stylish than us and most days this is true! I love that Cairo is definitely wearing what some of the older boys are wearing these days to school as he really is a little man already.

Joe Fresh BTS-6.jpg
Joe Fresh BTS-5.jpg
Joe Fresh BTS-4.jpg
Joe Fresh BTS-3.jpg

Lately I have been watching Jake interact with Kinsley and Cairo more. I have been trying to teach him what it means to be a leader. Sometimes, I am reminding him that he is bigger than both of them and needs to be gentle, but then there are sweet moments when he wants to take care of them or help them and in those moments you feel like you're nailing it as a parent. Joe Fresh always has the best selection of tops for boys and I had such a hard time choosing one for Jake. I settled on this long sleeve for him as I loved the tri-colours with the pop of blue and green to bring out his eyes. 

Joe Fresh BTS-9.jpg

Dressing a bump can be hard sometimes and I know there are days where Lauren feels like she has nothing to wear anymore! Although Joe Fresh doesn't have a maternity line (yet?!), she found these faux leather leggings that were super comfy and just paired it with one of the many loose tops that they carry. Comfort at its finest (besides sweats obviously).

Joe Fresh BTS-10.jpg
Joe Fresh BTS-13.jpg
Joe Fresh BTS-12.jpg
Joe Fresh BTS-11.jpg
Joe Fresh BTS-15.jpg

Every mom needs a good pair of black jeans and I loved the extra bit of ribbed detailed on the knees. I paired it with a plain loose white tee so that I can throw on a chunky sweater over top or add a long, gold pendant necklace when I need to dress it up! Everyday comfy is my go-to!

Joe Fresh BTS-21.jpg

We say it over and over but we really do feel quite lucky to stay at home with our kids. Yes Lauren has to work for a short time but maternity leave is so wonderful in Canada with it being one full year that the short stint of work will get overlooked once baby comes in November. 
Big thanks to Joe Fresh for suiting us up for fall with such great wardrobe staples that always keep us coming back for more!