Fostering a love for reading

I love reading. I would say I always have, but clearly I wasn't born reading. My parents read to me from as early on as I can remember. I was reading chapter books in Kindergarten (Charlotte's Web was my first - incredible classic!) and still to this day love reading anytime I get a chance. It was important to me to begin reading to my children at a very early age. I would often sing and play piano to my little ones when they were still in my womb. However, even before they could fully understand the book, I read many different board books to both my children.

As a Kindergarten teacher, one of the questions I heard often from parents was "When will my child learn to read?". A loaded question for sure as every parent wants their child to succeed and sometimes it is harder to watch when other children the same age can do something your child simply can't, yet. My answer was always simple:

At just the right time, when your child is ready, he or she will learn to read

However, one piece of advice I always shared with parents was the best thing you can do as a parent to help your child learn to read on their own, is to read to them and with them. 

I always like to read in cozy spots. Sometimes we read on our couch, in my bed, in Jake's room, on the floor, outside on a a fort:). I wanted to create a cozy corner and give Jake a chair that he could read in on his own. He is 2, so I assure you that he cannot read but he LOVES "reading" books. "Reading" as in looking at pictures, telling his own story, finding things he can see, etc. This comfortable, grey rocker from Guidecraft Canada was the perfect size reading chair for him. I love how sturdy it is and yet cozy for him to settle in and encourage his love for books. I completed his reading corner with a gorgeous rug from Lorena Canals. It is a picture of a world map to go with the adventure theme in his soon-to-be completed room :) (Soon-to-be being the key word there). Lorena Canals has a gorgeous selection of rugs (*bonus* they are washable too) if you need to add a bit of texture and coziness in a room. 

After a few minutes, Jake is mostly likely ready to move on to his next activity and thankfully Guidecraft Canada has these black and white magnetic builders! They are the most amazing toy for all ages. Each piece is magnetic so they can stick together and form the most unique shapes. Kinsley and Cairo even built a small tower on their own. I love watching how Kinsley and Cairo learn from Jake. They always want to try and do most things Jake can do!

As we head into fall, find a cozy corner in your home for your kids. Maybe find a new rug or new chair for your little ones to make the place extra special. Then, visit your local bookstore, make a trip to the library, or borrow a few from a friend and add a couple new books to your child's library. 

Thanks Guidecraft Canada and Lorena Canals for making my kids reading corner extra special and comfortable!