Travelling with Kids: Hawaii

This past week my family got to head to the island of Oahu and spend the week exploring such a beautiful part of the world. When every beach is stunning, I find myself struggling to find reasons NOT to move there.  We took our high school volleyball team and jam packed every day full with activities, hands-on service and of course, basking in the sun AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. 

With Cairo being with us (ahem...6 hour flight), I knew I had to be strategic in the packing department:
1. Our DockATot was a must for easy naps when we were out travelling all day
2. The best baby wipes from Bloom + Kind were so handy because they are the perfect size and seriously do the best job (without all those harmful chemicals)!
3. I dosed him in sunscreen every morning (we use Ombrelle - it's great on our skin and doesn't dry it out)
4. Packed more than enough snacks for our adventures each day


Chelsea likes to call Cairo "Super Baby" and he definitely was on our trip. We hauled him everywhere with us and he was about as happy as he looks in this photo. I know not every baby/child is like this and maybe he will grow out of this happiness someday, but we are sure soaking it up while we can. 

this photo above was my favourite day

We started out with devotions in the morning and then joined some staff at Surfing The Nations to help their Feeding The Hungry program. It was a day of service for us and we left exhausted but our hearts were so full as we were able to give so much food to about 600 deserving families that needed it. I find vacations are that much better when you find a way to serve while you are traveling, even if it is small. Maybe next time your family goes on a getaway, try and find a local organization to partner with. 

Deep down I think I would go skydiving if my husband would do it with me.... but cliff jumping is a close second.

Any other must-haves you bring while travelling? I'd love to hear some tips/tricks that you have learned to make travelling with kids easier. Give us a follow on instagram @jane.shelin and send us a message!