Our Holiday Favourites

My husband and I were just reflecting on what an amazing holiday Christmas is - there is so much build up, the Christmas season lasts for so long, and there is no other holiday that is quite like it. 
Every year at Christmas we love to try a few new things but there are always some traditions that never change and we wanted to share a few of ours today with a little help from our friends at Gymboree!

gymboree christmas 2017-1.jpg
gymboree christmas 2017-6.jpg

Christmas really is the best time to be a kid as there are so many unique traditions that bring about magic in your children's eyes. Chelsea has been surprising her kids each day with a new place for the "Elf on the Shelf" and it makes a fun activity to wake up to each morning. Kinsley is wearing this Fair Isle Cardigan and it's so cozy to wear during any Christmas activity.

gymboree christmas 2017-5.jpg

And then there's the tree. We cut a live tree down every year so this Incredi-Soft Fleece Shirt that Jake is wearing from Gymboree is perfect for keeping warm while we are out searching for the perfect Christmas tree! Each year we give our kids an ornament, a tradition that started with our parents giving us an ornament each year, they have so much fun putting "their" ornaments up on the tree alongside Mommy and Daddy's.

gymboree christmas 2017-9.jpg

I'm sure you have some favourite Christmas movies you watch every year, as does our family, but our two all-time favourites are "It's A Wonderful Life" and "White Christmas". They are oldies but goodies and Cairo will be cozied up in this Hooded Cardigan while we watch this year!

gymboree christmas 2017-11.jpg
gymboree christmas 2017-7.jpg

We know most people do stockings for their kids but do you give your spouse/significant other a stocking? We have been giving our spouses (and kids) stockings since we got married and this year will be no different!

gymboree christmas 2017-8.jpg
gymboree christmas 2017-4.jpg

Through all of our family Christmas traditions, are favourite thing is to talk to our kids about how we celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmas time. It's the reason we celebrate and our kids love hearing the Christmas story each year and playing with their nativity scene.

gymboree christmas 2017-2.jpg

hat are some of your favourite holiday traditions? We know that our kids will be sporting these new styles from Gymboree while we enjoy some of our favourite Christmas activities - check out their new collection for your kids to wear at any special holiday moment this year.