The Polar Express

Last weekend we surprised our children and drove to Squamish for a ride on The Polar Express. Jake loves trains so he literally squealed in delight when we walked into the Railway station. 

polar express-2.jpg
polar express-1.jpg

We have never been on The Polar Express before but we felt like Jake was a good age to enjoy the experience. It was an incredible morning and our expectations were completely blown away.

polar express-5.jpg

We began our morning by boarding The Polar Express, complete with a Tom Hanks look a like conductor. All of the volunteers who make The Polar Express come to life are incredibly kind and hospitable. Our family settled in our seats and soon we were soon rolling down the tracks. 

polar express-3.jpg

We were blown away with how much work and effort goes into making the train ride feel like you are a part of the The Polar Express. There are actors and actresses on board and they engage with the riders and make the experience incredible. 

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Our family loved the hot chocolate and cookies on board and Jake even volunteered to lead the entire car in a Christmas carol sing along!

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After the train ride our family visited "The North Pole". Inside was so magical. Santa and Mrs. Clause were waiting and the children could line up and have their photo taken. There was a miniature train ride that went around a beautifully decorated, light up forest, complete with a tunnel! Tables were set up where children could colour, decorate cookies and snack on a treat. Our family got to board a few real train engines which Jake loved and there was mini-golf, bouncy castles and many other fun attractions for the kids (all free with your train ride ticket). 

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It was such a wonderful adventure and if your child loves trains, or the Polar Express or you just love doing things as a family at Christmas, I highly recommend taking your family for this one of a kind adventure. You can check out the experience for times and dates here.