Paw Patrol Gang is Here

Do your kids watch the show? Paw Patrol is definitely in our tv show rotation as our kids love it so we just had to get these three outfits when we saw them!
It's sometimes daunting to think of costumes each year to dress your kids in so we did a one-stop-shop at Marshalls and found all three of these Paw Patrol costumes for Jake, Kinsley and Cairo to wear.

marshalls Halloween-5.jpg
marshalls Halloween-6.jpg

We aren't big "Halloween" people, mainly because it wasn't a big deal in our house growing up, but we always went to some sort of party/event that was put on by a local church. This year our church teamed up with a school in the community so we jumped at the chance to take our kids to go play some games, eat popcorn, and of course win some candy (that I will be indulging in later!). Obviously we took Chase, Skye, and Marshall to the big event and they had a blast!

marshalls Halloween-4.jpg
marshalls Halloween-3.jpg
marshalls Halloween-2.jpg
marshalls Halloween-1.jpg

You should have seen our kids' faces when they got to put on these costumes....pure excitement. If you are looking for a last minute costume, Marshalls and Winners still have a ton to choose from at affordable prices and our kids were overjoyed to be part of the Paw Patrol this halloween!