Christmas is Coming

Ooohhh that title gets me excited! In our home we usually don't decorate until after Jake's birthday on Nov. 12th, but you don't have to twist my arm to play some Christmas music or watch a Christmas movie on Nov. 1st (My husband thinks I'm crazy but I don't care). 

When I was thinking about Christmas outfits for this year I remembered seeing pictures from my first Christmas when I was walking. I wore this beautiful red velvet dress that my mom kept for me and Kinsley wore it last year. So when I saw this gorgeous navy velvet dress from Janie and Jack I knew it would be perfect for the upcoming holidays. I love the dainty peter pan collar and honestly I wish it came in my size so we could twin! In the cold winter months I can throw a cable cardigan on Kinsley, add some dress tights and she is ready to celebrate!

Janie and Jack fall 17-4.jpg
Janie and Jack fall 17-3.jpg
Janie and Jack fall 17-2.jpg
Janie and Jack fall 17-5.jpg

I find that boys are super easy to dress come the holidays! Throw on a slim pant with a dress shirt and you are basically good to go. This double pocket shirt in heather grey from Janie & Jack is so versatile because you can add a sweater over top or even a bow tie to completely switch up the outfit which is essential because of all the holidays functions we get to go to. 

Janie and Jack fall 17-7.jpg
Janie and Jack fall 17-6.jpg

Because we are located on the West Coast, we do get more rain than snow so these Hunter Boots come so handy during these winters months. Our kids are always asking to go outside, even when it is miserable out so as long as we are dressed well, we definitely go outside lots in the winter and I find good rain boots are a must!

Janie and Jack fall 17-9.jpg
Janie and Jack fall 17-1.jpg

There are so many times when I wish Kinsley's outfit came in a women's size and today is no different. We are absolutely counting down the days until Christmas and I know these will be staples in my kids' closets. Now....who will be planning my Christmas outfit?!