Pool Side Reading

When I was deciding what to pack for these kiddos for not only our vacation, but also a 24 hour car ride, I knew that books would be at the top of the list. If your home looks anything like ours, you are reading books morning, day, and night so I wanted to make sure that I brought a variety of books to read in the car. Luckily we brought along a couple new titles from Chronicle Books for our little March adventure. 

chronicle travel-2.jpg
chronicle travel-1.jpg

Jake's current obsession is Dinosaurs and we have all caught on pretty fast that anything dinosaur related will light up his life. So as you can imagine, this dinosaur counting book was a huge hit. It is the perfect mix of counting, fun and humour! Kinsley and Jake have requested it every single night on vacation!

chronicle travel-3.jpg

Lola Dutch is a beautiful book with detailed illustrations that speaks to our creative side. Lola is a widely creative girl and her imagination and love for fun is infectious. It would be a beautiful birthday gift for any young girl because the illustrations are gorgeous and Lola inspires children to be imaginative and enjoy life!

chronicle travel-4.jpg

The Tractor Mac series was a new introduction to us and we love them! The author was inspired to write these books from stories he would tell his son at bedtime. We read Tractor Mac learns to fly which was filled with beautiful illustrations, and a fun light hearted story. My husband tells my kids bedtime stories when he puts the kids to bed so this resonated with my heart. We will definitely be checking out this entire series!

chronicle travel-5.jpg

Our last book we loved was Little Plane Learns to Write. Jake loves going to the airport and he stills points out planes he sees in the sky. Little Plane is learning to write and the letters are in the shape of clouds. However, Little Plane is nervous to make loops which form the letter O. It is an encouraging read for any little boy or girl who is learning to try something new!