Easter Basket Additions

Anyone already prepped for Easter? All those Easter baskets ready to go? We are slowly getting everything we need to put in our kids' Easter baskets and before we left to California we got some Lindt Chocolate and a few products from OOLY to put in their baskets. We have also picked up a few things from the dollar store and Target down here to add in - any suggestions on what else we should include?

Easter party 18-8.jpg
Easter party 18-9.jpg

Before we left, Jake and Kinsley got a little sneak peak of the Lindt chocolate we will be giving them and got to sample some new products from OOLY. 

Easter party 18-6.jpg

Lindt has such a great selection of chocolates for any holiday season but especially Easter. They not only have so many great products for Easter (hello gold chocolate bunny, yes please!) but ideas for place settings, activities for kids, and Easter decor; here is the direct link to all their Easter ideas: Lindt. The little mini chocolate eggs for perfect for children and Lindt offers a complete chocolate, sticker and colouring kit which we love!

Easter party 18-7.jpg
Easter party 18-3.jpg

Instead of only receiving chocolate for Easter, we also want to give our kids something that they can create with and of course, OOLY products are at the top of our list. We tried out these Poster Paint Pods and used them to paint some Easter Egg colouring pages. 

Easter party 18-5.jpg

3 quick facts about the Poster Paint Pods from OOLY:
1. Water soluble - washes right out of fabrics
2. There are 12 "paint pods" - aka resealable containers
3. Comes in a handy travel case

Easter party 18-2.jpg

We can't wait to give out Easter baskets to our kids in a few days. Any traditions you always give in your Easter baskets? 

*P.S. You can purchase OOLY products from OOLY.com if you are from the US and if you are from Canada check out Amazon.ca for OOLY products with free shipping!