Sharing is tough.

Sharing is tough. At any age.
We have really tried to daily remind our kids that yes we are blessed with these toys but part of owning toys is the ability to get to share with them friends. They don't always nail it.  At one point each of our kids has definitely grabbed a toy right out of each other's hands. However, some days, its a beautiful thing to watch when they share together all on their own.

Jake is our natural leader - he is the oldest so he is always looking out for Cairo and Kinsley. As parents it is definitely fun to watch personality traits come out of our kids more and more as they grow up. What a privilege to see all the transformation as moms and dads! Here, he was explaining to everyone where to sit before we showed some new treasures from Vtech

It's no secret our kids and families love Vtech! Probably because of all the fun sounds each toy makes and the buttons they are able to press to make it light up, but I guarantee you that a Vtech toy is getting played in my house today. Vtech just knows how to make toys that are appropriate for each age level; engaging and exciting to play with at every stage!

Not staged and oh so cute!! Thanks for sharing Cai :)

Kinsley loves stuffed animals! She loads them all up in her shopping cart every day and pushes them around. So, naturally she loved the new Cuddle and Sing Puppy from Vtech! It is so cute and it plays music and teaches you numbers. 

This was probably Jake's favourite! If you have a child who loves airplanes, this one is magical! The Go! Go! Smart Wheels Racing Runway Airplane transforms from a cargo plane into a runway ramp so Jake loved racing his planes and cars to launch into the sky!

Thanks to Vtech for continually making toys that my kids love and giving them the opportunity to share them!