Summer Style with Janie and Jack

This is our first full summer in our new home and we feel so blessed to be able to really enjoy it this year! Our front garden is still a work in progress, but we have put in so many hours trying to create a beautiful, welcoming entrance into our home. Jake and Kinsley love gardening with me! Jake often offers to help water the plants and Kinsley, well her favourite is picking all of my blooming flowers!! However, nothing brings my heart more joy than seeing the two of them share a sweet moment together. 

Janie and Jack summer-5.jpg

Janie and Jack always has multiple options for the perfect special occasion outfit. Jake's classic khaki shorts, cuffed at the bottom, paired with the detailed blue dress shirt remind me of how quickly time goes by. He looks like a little man! I want to make sure he learns to be a gentleman and opens car doors, bring flowers home to his future wife and loves others infectiously. Some days it is a struggle, but today, melted my heart when he gave this giant sunflower to his little sister!

I love Kinsley's embroidered peplum top and wish it came in my size too! Janie and Jack's summer line offers wonderful choices for special occasions and the everyday. The pop of colour in the embroidery with the classic blue and white stripe both create a feminine and dainty look. However, what sparked her attention the most was her own purse! She loved wearing it on her shoulder and filling it with her treasures (stuffed animals and snacks). 

Summer is often spent out adventuring but there are these special moments at home that seem to make little memories in my heart that I love! Summer is slowly slipping away so we are trying to soak up these tiny moments as best we can.