Books from Clever Publishing

If you have been following us for any length of time you know that we post regularly about books and new titles that we have been reading with our kids. We are the type of people that really have to hold back when we go to Chapters because there are always so many good books to bring home.
These books we are sharing today are from Clever Publishing and we have listed the titles we wanted in our homes below!

Clever Books-6.jpg
Clever Books-5.jpg

Clever Count - This is a search and find book and is perfect for young readers who are learning their numbers.
Look and Find Our Animal Friends - ok, such an adorable spot the animal book!
I Know Everything About….. Series - Phenomenal for curious children as there is so many different questions about different subjects and our kids love lifting the lap to read the answer.
Learn Shapes - Another lift the flap book but this one is definitely for kids who are learning their shapes as each page focuses on a specific shape and the attributes of it.
Wonder Wheels Series - These books are in the shape of different vehicles and are perfect for young toddlers who love all things related to vehicles.
Search & Find Numbers - This book has great illustrations for young toddlers and is also a great learning tool for a child who is learning how to count.