Our Favourite things

If you are anything like me, you LOVE to give gifts. It is one of my favourite feelings, picking something out that you know someone will love and then seeing their joy when they open it Christmas morning.
But, as my husband will attest to, I’m not always great at giving him gift ideas for me. In fact, I hardly ever give him a “wish list”. Which makes me a bit tough to buy for when I’m not dropping any hints for him.
So this “wish list” we made is perfect if you are anything like me. Just copy and paste the link and send it on over to your significant other and make it a little bit easier to buy for you this Christmas.

Adult stockings-11.jpg

Bunhead - This local scrunchie company started this past year and we love their products. Chelsea has a scrunchie in her hair probably every other day and we both love the quality, the fit and textures of Bunhead scrunchies. Their holiday collection is gorgeous and we are currently loving their Black Velvet and Desert Taupe. If you are local, you can even do local pick up. Bunhead began as a mom and daughter team and they are both lovely ladies.

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Eliasz and Ella Jewelry - This gem of a brand makes the most gorgeous earrings and bracelets! Their Rose Angele Earrings are stunning and have a gorgeous arc shape and rose coloured plated details. Each piece Eliasz and Ella creates could be worn everyday or elevated for a date night out. If you are looking for an everyday earring, their Silver and Gold “Dainty” studs are stunning with Moonstone Gems as the star. We love that the brand is named after the owner’s two children and they are a Canadian company!

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Adult stockings-2.jpg

Glo Skin Beauty - During the winter months especially, I am always looking for a little extra shimmer and glow for my skin. Glo Skin Beauty products are made with ingredients that are sensitive to my skin and full of rich, vibrant colour. The Pressed Base (one of their best sellers) comes in a variety of shades and is the perfect foundation for a shimmer, bronzer and some blush. This year, brows have taken a front seat and we love Glo Skin’s Precise Micro Browliner because it glides and fills in brows easily. To finish off our winter glow, a little pop of Lip Gloss colour such as Prism, Naked, Peony etc. are a necessity and slip into a stocking so easily!

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Lily and Val - Valerie, the owner of Lily and Val, creates the most adorable prints each year for Christmas. This particular print, “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays”, gives me all the nostalgic feels. The colours and shapes remind me of the traditions and memories of Christmas from childhood. I love slipping a print onto the top of a gift, framing it in our home or changing them with the seasons on a clipboard. Lily and Val has a whole holiday collection that is stunning and I love that you can order them in a variety of sizes.

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Garnier - The winter months can be harsh on my hair, which is why I love using Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner. I find their products leave my hair feeling rejuvenated and I love the aroma. The Argan Oil Cranberry from the Whole Blends collection is the perfect holiday choice as the argan oil leaves my hair with a bit of a shine - perfect for holiday parties!

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Zebra Pens - Chelsea has always loved awesome pens. There is something about writing with your favourite pen that makes the task that much more enjoyable. Zebra Pens has always been one of her favourite brands for writing utensils. The Sarasa Fine Liner Pens writes beautifully and come in a rainbow assortment of colours. The Fine Tip is perfect for writing and the ink is vibrant and full. We can’t wait to check out the Sarasa Clip Gel Retractable collection in Milk and Regular colours as well! We recently discovered their new MildLiners collection. They have a large selection of beautiful colours and are perfect for highlighting, but the double end makes it great for underlining and circling things as well. It’s a great dual tool for making lists, studying, planning your week, etc.

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Jasco - I, like many, use many different electronic devices throughout the day. My computer, my phone, nest cams, the heater, etc. all get plugged in and sometimes I need to be able to move around the house and I am not next to an outlet. Jasco’s Coordinate Decor Extension Cord comes in a variety of combos; including 3 Grounded outlets, or a Grounded Outlet as well as 2 USB ports and comes in a few beautiful colours (grey, mint, pale pink). This way, more than one person can be using an outlet and it gives me convenience for moving around the house. Jasco carries many different electrical products, but these cords are one of our favourites!

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Lily and Val - If you are a meal planner, you will definitely want to grab one of these adorable meal planner lists! I love that after you plan your week, you have your grocery list ready to slip off and bring to the store. Plus, the designs are adorable - our two favourites are the Vintage Bowls and Whimsical Lemon styles.

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People Footwear - Ok ladies, these are the comfiest casual runners I’ve worn in a while! I’m a PE teacher and where runners every week day and I love the contrast of the light grey knit and white. These are also perfect for running around town getting those last minute errands done or enjoying a walk with my kids. The Waldo Knit in Everyday Grey/Yeti White is the perfect neutral palette, however this style does come in many other colours.

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These are just a few of our favourite things but we honestly love every single one and use them. We hope you can find something on our wish list that you can pass on to your spouse that they can add to one of your Christmas gifts this year.