Wrapped Up for Christmas with Minted

Thank you to Minted who provided product for this post, all opinions and thoughts are our own.

Wrapping gifts is one of my favourite things to do during the Christmas season. For me, I love adding personal touches to gifts and experimenting with different colours, textures and styles. One year I hand stamped each name to all of my gifts with paint! It took a long time, but I really enjoy the process and love exploring my creative side. 


Each year I tend to try something new when it comes to wrapping gifts. However, I always love adding fresh greenery or flowers on top. Sometimes I have to refresh the greenery or flowers if I wrap them too early but I love that nature offers so many gorgeous pieces that add great texture to the top of a present. I love cedar, mini pinecones, mint, rosemary, florals, or even a twig of pine slipped under the ribbon. 


Kinsley was so excited when she found out this present was for her. I could hear her trying to rip up the corners while held the present! How can I possibly tell her Christmas is still over a month away! I think when you have little children it is so magical to watch Christmas through their eyes. Everything is sparkling and glimmering with hope to them and I love playing a small role in their joy. 


I fell in love with this Merry wrapping paper from Minted in blush pink. Minted offers the same wrapping paper in a large selection of colours so you can customize and choose the shade thats right for you. I immediately thought of Kinsley when I saw this and added a few things to personalize the gift; a bow of Champagne velvet ribbon, a small sprig of fresh floral and a mini deer because Wayne has called her "doe eyes" since she was born. 


Anything black and white always grabs my attention because I can wrap it for a guy or a girl and add different finishing touches. This gift is for a friend, and I love how the fresh cedar and pinecones play off of the black and white tree wrapping paper. A little light pink velvet bow adds the perfect touch of elegance.


There are so many different colours and duos at Christmas time and while some people love silver and gold, others go with shades of blue, whites and greens with touches of pink etc. As you can see, I love trying new combos but in the end I always find myself adding a bit of traditional red and green. There is something about the red and green that reminds me of my childhood and wonderful memories flood my mind. Minted has this gorgeous thick navy velvet ribbon that is so deep and rich! I loved combining it with the grey hued plaid wrapping paper and adding a touch of red and green to finish. 


One of the reasons I love Minted is that they collaborate with so many different artists. This gingham wrapping paper was designed by Tessa Blackham from Seattle, WA. Minted tells you a little bit about each artist they work with so you know exactly who create the artwork behind your design. I've never sold any artwork I've created but I think it is such an incredible concept for creatives! I love how Minted values creativity and honours their work. 


Yes it is November and I am wrapping presents, but I like to take my time and go slow which is why I start so early! Before you set up your wrapping station this year, stock up on a few beautiful sheets of wrapping paper and ribbons from Minted for your loved ones. Add a few personal details and try a new colour combo this year! You may just fall in love with wrapping again and find yourself joining me, wrapping in November next year!