A Macaron Morning

Happy Friday Mommas! It's almost the weekend and it was such a gorgeous week, Sometimes I feel like I am more inspired when the sun is out. There is something beautiful, cheery and rejuvenating about a week of sunshine. 

My sister and I wanted to take advantage of the sun this week and hosted a backyard tea party. We invited one of our friends and her littles over for a cup of tea in the sun. I love being invited places - I think everyone loves to feel included, even if you turn down the invitation. 

So with a few splashes of pink, some vintage tea cups, fresh flowers, paper doilies and......the yummiest maracons.....we set up a party for five.

We had some homemade animal crackers (you can read about that and find the recipe here ) from a previous baking adventure for the littles and some macaroons for the adults. But, to be honest, the macarons were so delicious, even the little ones were asking for some! 

Our friend Tanja and two of her kids Knox & Ella enjoyed the tea and treats with us. We quickly found out that Ella's favourite was the Raspberry Macarons. 

One of my highlights was the macarons. I love macarons and would love to taste one in Paris one day (bucket list), but  Kitchening & Co makes the most DELICIOUS macarons and they are local! They are those perfect macarons that you have been searching for your whole life but haven't quite found yet. The hunt is over ladies. Treat yourself.  These handcrafted macarons are like a delectable sweet cloud that melts in your mouth, full of flavour and the perfect amount of crunch. We tried the toasted coconut (my favourite), raspberry and mandarin strawberry. Check our Carly's website Kitchening & Co to find out where she sells her treats!

Time to burn off that sugar energy with some Tarzan moves! 

While Kinsley was busy eating a fresh garden rose and playing peek-a-boo with her dress, Cairo was busy showing off his "White Rock" tee from Locomotive Clothing

Out of the many photos we deleted....sometimes you just get the very best shot. Unintentional hand-holding for the win. I think I'll have a tea date with friends every week. Enjoy your weekend!