Raising our Littles with Beau Hudson

Seriously this last week has been top-notch! Do I wish I was still in Hawaii? Of course! But I cannot complain about the fantastic Vancouver weather we have been having this September. Mid-mornings you can find us at the park, usually with our cousins, and usually on the swings - Cairo's favourite. It also doesn't hurt that there is a starbucks 3 minutes down the road ;)

This morning at the park I remember Jake repeating me word for word when I said "Oh the sunshine" and I was kind of surprised that A) He was listening to me and B) That he would repeat what I said word for word.  
Jake is at the age where this happens a lot and Chelsea finds him repeating her words quite a bit now as he is expanding his vocabulary and talking in sentences consistently. Kids are such a great reminder to really watch what we are saying not only directly to them but also to other adults because they are listening and learning so much. It reminded me that as an aunt I am a huge model for Jake in this early life of his and I will also be a model to my own son of how to act/speak/think. Our words can be powerful so I hope I am able to teach Cairo, Jake, Kinsley, etc. to praise, love, heal, and encourage with my words/actions as they are always listening.

Kinsley and Cairo are just starting to form sounds on their own (Kins leaned over and said mamama early this morning to Chelsea) and although they don't speak full sentences, I know they are silently observing, absorbing and taking everything they see and hear in. 

These two. My heart bursts for how they will grow up and become the best of friends. This morning they were both in clothes from Beau Hudson, this unreal clothing and lifestyle brand that is located in Australia whom we have fallen in love with. Jake is wearing their denim jegs and they are the bomb because they actually fit his legs aka super skinny! Up top Cairo is wearing their blue denim jeg shorts and they are just high quality, Cairo wore them almost every day this summer. Beau Hudson also has this striped dress for girls that Kinsley is wearing and it's super cute and such a comfy material - perfect for play! They also carry these matching adult & kid crewneck hoodies that we are dying to try, just in time for these winter months coming.

Not a lot of park days left so take advantage while you have the time and just remember that a few little ears are always listening :) Thanks Beau Hudson for making stylish, comfortable everyday clothing for my kiddos!