Packing tricks for an *almost* one year old

Today I'm sharing some of the essentials I packed up for another flight with our son (number 11 for Cairo), to visit my in-laws in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Travel undoubtedly brings much change to our schedules so I do my best to bring as much routine to our day/week as possible. When we travel I bring a few small familiar toys, his favourite moccs, favourite foods, and always our Jolly Jumper. 

But first....I make a list

Using pretty stationary like this one makes me want to go back in time before computers, when everything was jotted down on a piece of paper. This notepad and pencil are from Rifle Paper Co. I've always been a list girl and there is something about physically writing it out that makes me feel organized and on the ball. This gorgeous paper makes it even more inviting!

I pack plenty of food for the travel day and try to pick foods that are not messy and easy to pop into Cairo's mouth because chances are I am sitting in an airport giving him lunch or on the plane. This trip I cut up blueberries, chicken, and mango with our new paring knives from Kuhn Rikon. They have a stainless steel blade and matching sheath (cover) which is convenient to take camping, storage, or even on a picnic. Plus, they come in so many colours of the rainbow! I'll take one of each please..Seriously, they are so easy to cut with!

I put Cairo's snacks in Ball Food Jars because they are the perfect size (4 oz.) and have plastic lids that make them easily packable to fill up with new foods each day. Right now our go-to snacks are grapes, cheese, and blueberries. I'm always curious to find new finger foods that moms are giving their kids so find us on instagram @jane.shelin if you have an idea I could try!

These moccs from My Beatutiful Little Shop are best for a travel day because I can slip them on and off easily. We try and let Cairo walk around lots in the airport to get some energy out but its nice to slip his shoes off once we get on the plane. These are the only shoes I needed to pack since they are so versatile and of course, grey goes with everything #momwin. 

All packed up and away we went and of course we had a cherished week with family and friends! Our travelling is only amping up as we head to the states next week for Family Camp and Hawaii at the end of the month! Packing lists are ongoing here but we wouldn't have it any other way!