Summer Fun

School is officially out for summer and now that your children are home for two months, what exactly are you doing to do all day with them? We have rounded up some of our favourite brands for summer fun and wanted to share a few quick and easy set up ideas for some summer outdoor (or indoor) activities.

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Safari Toobs - Whoever came up with the idea of toys in a toob is brilliant! These easy to carry, clean up, and pack around containers are perfect for summer adventures. We throw a Toob into our beach bag, into our kids backpack for road trips, or grab a few and head out into our backyard to make our own animal stories. You can fill a bowl with water, add some ice cubes and add the Arctic Animals Toob, or grab a box, throw some fresh leaves and grass and add the Rainforest Toob or even bring a container to the beach, add some sand, shells and water and throw in the Coral Reef Toob; basically creating different habitats for our children to engage with.

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Jake’s favourite activity right now is finding bugs so he loves looking in the garden for a new creature, adding it into his World’s Best Bug Jar from Safari and then reading up on the creepiest bugs in his book from Raincoast Books Creepiest Crawlies.

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Raincoast Books - Whenever we are going on a longer car ride or road trip our kids always bring books in the car to read. They can be picture books, lift the flap books, sticker books or activity books - anything that keeps them engaged and occupied! A few of Jake’s favourite selections for summer would be perfect for any bug or animal lover: World’ s Creepiest Crawlies and World’s Strangest Predators, both of these books go through a top 50 countdown, giving a one page bright and coloured explanation for each creature.
We love the book I Have an Idea by Herve Tullet as it encourages children to be curious and create - a perfect theme heading into summer.

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OOLY - Creativity and art is one of our favourite activities for our children. I know that art can sometimes be messy and daunting for parents, but OOLY has created so many products that make art not only beautiful but easy to clean up. The Rainbow Sparkle Water-color Gel Crayons glide easily on paper, making them perfect for little hands. Our kids have been loving using glitter glue lately and the Dot-A-Lots in Neon and Pearlescent are great for adding texture to an art project. As moms, we love that all of their items come in easy to use packaging, making them great for travel or on the go activities.

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P.S. - They have some new items coming out in summer including some adorable stationary packs that are perfect for birthday presents, traveling or writing notes to friends - keep your eye out for them!

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Lego - One of our all time favourite toys from our own childhood is LEGO. We would spend hours as children building houses with little white fences, double decker buses, or our Robin Hood Forestmen set as kids. It is so fun watching our children love LEGO as well and as parents, we appreciate that there is suitable LEGO for any age. Ezri is just beginning to put Duplo pieces together and the My First Fun Puzzle set is bright, colourful and perfect for her to create animals with. Jake loves getting a new lego set and the Diving Yacht is a great choice for summer that goes along with the boating and adventure theme. However, our kids love the blind bags - which is hilarious because you obviously don’t know what is inside - but they love the surprise! There are Disney blind bags that contain different characters from current and past Disney movies.

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