True Meaning of Christmas

My brother came over a few nights ago and was hanging out with Jake and talking about Christmas. He kept asking Jake "Whose birthday is it on Christmas?". Jakes first four responses were  "Jake's, Uncle Bryce's, Mommy's, Daddy's, Kinsley's". I was secretly appalled but know that he is only three and I guess three year olds forget. After I reminded Jake, "Jake, remember the stable, who was born in the stable?" he responded "Baby Jesus!". Phew! Except to be honest, my heart was a little sad.

I guess I thought I spend quite a bit of time talking about the true meaning of Christmas so I was a bit disheartened to hear Jake not remember whose birthday we celebrate. It made me stop and reflect and think about what I spend my days talking about. 

Christmas becomes such a busy time of year but I don't want that to be an excuse to not spend the time teaching and reminding my children why we get to celebrate this amazing season. 

To be fair to him, I guess I've been in "shopping mode" buying gifts online, shopping sales in stores and chatting with friends and family about gift ideas. I love giving. But, I feel like maybe I've been too focused on not missing a sale and checking everything off my to do list that my son is picking up on all my lingo and thinking that is what is most important. 

Lately every time we talk about a Christmas tree, Jake always asks "Will there be presents for me under the tree?" Is that really all he can think about? Where have I gone wrong in my parenting that my three year old is only concerned with seeing presents under the tree? Or is this normal for a three old to think the same way. 

I do love opening presents but I also love giving! In fact, I love wrapping gifts beautifully because I want people to know that I was thinking of them and put extra time and attention into their package. Its not necessarily right, but it is just one way I enjoy sharing a bit of extra love. However I want my son to know that the heart behind behind the giver is what matters the most. 

So, this week, new perspective, new goals. Less talk about gifts and presents, and more talk about ways we can serve and love others this holiday season. Maybe we will go sing carols at a seniors home, bake cookies for our neighbours, donate new toys or games to Recovery Church's girls and guys night out at our local church. If you have any other brilliant ideas for me to teach my three year old about serving and giving feel free to send them my way!