Baking with the Littles

I'm officially in full Christmas mode! I've hosted a Christmas party, went to a Christmas play last night and today we cut down our Christmas tree! I was blessed to have many Christmas traditions growing up that I loved and now it is fun for me to share some of those traditions with my own kids. 

My children love cookies, so Christmas is a perfect time to have friends over and have a cookie decorating party. Jake invited some of his friends over (he usually asks me to text their mom lol, oh how times have changed!) and we had a wonderful time baking, icing and adding sprinkles to our cookies. 

Us moms put everything out for the kids including freshly baked sugar cookies from Krusteaz and shortbread cookies from Krusteaz, icing, little spreader knives and sprinkles. We let the kids go to town and decorate their cookies how they wanted to! There is nothing more beautiful than children creating and having fun. My vacuum can help me clean up the mess on the floor later :) 

Look at that focus! The boys iced their cookies and then proceeded to sprinkle, then dump lots of sprinkles on their cookies. 

This little gem carefully placed one sprinkle at a time on her tree cookie - even if there wasn't icing on it! Boys and girls can be so different at times. However, they all had a blast.

One more Christmas tradition completed and on to the next!