Singing in the Car

Car rides.  Sometimes it can be my worst time of the day....can any other mothers relate? There is just something about getting everyone inside the car, buckled in their seat and keeping them happy and content while you drive a moving vehicle safely that is just daunting! Some drives we see a train or diggers as we are driving, so everyone is a little bit happier. Other times, it is a major hustle trying to keep everyone happy, entertained and alive all at once!

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It's funny how people tell you to keep your eyes on your kids at all times so you know where they are and yet when we are driving a moving vehicle, our kids are forced to sit behind us. Do they think we have eyes in the back of our heads?!? I can remember so many drives when I have one hand on the wheel and one hand on a soother, or one hand on the wheel and one hand digging for a milk cup, or one hand on the wheel and one hand unwrapping a granola bar...maybe God should have given us three hands?

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However, one thing that our kids love is music. So, when we get in the car, our car comes alive! We are moving, grooving, clapping, dancing and singing any and all songs! People who pass us may think we are crazy but I'm just a momma trying to survive a car ride.

Here are 6 Songs we are rocking and rolling to in the car lately:

1) Olaf Summer Song - still going strong in my house. Didn't they say there was going to be a Frozen 2? I'm ready for the next batch of songs.

2) Tremble by Mosaic - Amazing worship song. There is something about hearing little ones sing worship songs that melts my heart.

3) Larry Boy - Not sure if you are familiar with the series "Veggie Tales". Yes, its tales about vegetables - but funny songs! "Larry-Boy, He's our man!"

4) Reckless Love - Anything Steffany Gretzinger sings is life changing (Cory Asbury also sings this song and its equally as good)! We headed to the Bethel women's conference this past August and there was a last minute change to the worship singers on the last night and Stef happened to be leading! Our jaws dropped for about 15 seconds and then we had one of the best worship nights - definitely a moment we will remember.

5) Real Love - Hillsong - My son heard this song during kids camp at our church this past summer. He loves it and requests it daily so my daughter now loves it too! 

6) Sugar, Sugar by the Archies - My parents have been singing oldies with the grandkids lately so they are always asking for classics like - Sugar, Sugar and the Locomotion Song. 

Any other amazing songs I can add to our playlist? 

**Side Note ** We were listening to JRFM the other day and "Shake it for me" by Luke Bryan came on. We were singing along and as the song ended Wayne and I looked at each other and had kind of an "ahah" moment - like that was a totally inappropriate song for our children to listen to and changed the station. No lie, 10 seconds later Jake says, "Mommy can you put that shake it song on again?" Uuuuhhhhh no sorry! Not a great song for you. Mommy fail moment!!

A few weeks ago we graduated Jake to a new car seat. Kinsley will need his old one soon and it was time for a change. The biggest draw for Jake in his new car seat is his own personal cup holder! He was ecstatic that he had a place for his own "water" or "coffee" (Not real coffee people...although he has had a few sips of mine judgement!). 

Car seat 2-4.jpg

Britax's new Click Tight technology makes installing a car seat incredibly easy all while making sure it is the safest for Jake. The ClickTight Installation System uses the vehicle seat belt instead of the lower anchors and simultaneously tensions and locks the vehicle seat belt, like almost too easy to install! 

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I could stay here in this hug all week! Love this little boy. I've also been loving this top from Shop Pink Blush. It is the perfect fall transition shirt with the cut out shoulders and the lace detail makes me feel feminine and girly! 

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And yes that is blue sky in the background!! Makes me miss summer on a rainy day like today, but I'm so grateful for the changing seasons and beauty each one brings.