Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Am I right? Some days, we just wanna have a little fun! We rounded up some of our favourite girls and took some time to pamper, laugh and try new things together.

Lauren and I love having a younger sister. When I graduated high school, Brie started Kindergarten so there is a big age gap. The perks of the age gap is that we get to hang out with her young, beautiful, kind-hearted friends and to be honest, they actually have given us so many little beauty tips over the years too, they have become like sisters to us.

Pampering Night-3.jpg

A few nights ago we carved out some time for some relaxing, socializing and pampering. We created a beautiful setup on a gorgoues table cloth from Pehr. Pehr's mist slub natural dobby linen napkins created some texture and added such flair and elegance to the tablescape. We went for a walk in the forest and cut fresh greens, wheat, leaves and added them in little bundles on our table. Decorating doesn't have to be expensive, you just have to get creative! 

Pampering Night-4.jpg

Sometimes when I walk into a new beauty store I am overwhelmed with all of the different choices for something simple like hand lotion or mascara. There are so many choices and many of them are amazing. One of our favourite skin care places is L'Occitane. I was first gifted a piece from L'Occitane from a friend and instantly fell in love with their products. Their hand lotions are so rich and creamy and leave my hands feeling smooth without that oily residue. We tried the Cherry Blossom fragrance in hand lotion, shower gel and shimmer lotion. The shimmer lotion leaves behind a bit of sparkle which is beautiful!

Pampering Night-6.jpg
Pampering Night-1.jpg
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We were able to all get a sample of Voir Hair Care's hair masque & scalp detox which we are so excited to try! We always love trying new companies but especially ones that are Canadian and have their products made in Canada. They carry a few different products and their hair oil is another one that is on our list to use on our dry hair, especially going into these fall/winter months!

Pampering Night-11.jpg

We tried two different products from Elizabeth Arden; first, the Grand Entrance Mascara lived up to its name. Brie has beautiful long lashes, and when she put the mascara on it highlighted her lashes beautifully! The brush is full yet dainty to be able to reach those fine lashes in the corners. Second, the Plush Up Lip Gelato Lipstick in Bare Kiss was so smooth and rich. It gave a beautiful rich colour but your lips felt light and feathery! A perfect fall colour. 

Pampering Night-2.jpg

One of my favourite moments of the night was when we sampled a few new products from Shoppers Drug Mart. I am a frequent Shoppers Drug Mart Shopper because they have an array of quality brands, their beauty section is amazing, and their Optimum card is wonderful on their bonus points days! Check it out if you don't have it.
We each took turns picking samples from so many different brands including Benefit, Clarins, Biotherm, L'Oreal, Nars, St. Tropez. etc. I love trying sample sizes in new products so I can get a taste and see if it is something I want to purchase in the future. 

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We capped off our night with an array of face masks from Fruits and Passion. I'm going to be honest and say I had never done a sheet face mask at home before. It made for some fun laughs, and sneaky Instagram stories, but the mask left my face feeling so refreshed and clean. I tried the Green Tea face mask and it was soothing, hydrating and relaxing. I would definitely do it again and would maybe skip the instastories next time! 

It is important to take time and do something just for fun! We had a wonderful time laughing, trying new things, new products and fell in love again with some of our favourites! Invite some girls over, have some fun and pamper yourself this week.