Holidays with VTECH

Can you believe Christmas is less than three weeks away?! My husband and I have been discussing our "to-do list" for Christmas this past week. He doesn't let me decorate my home until after Remembrance Day out of respect and honour for our Veterans (And he partially thinks I am crazy for wanting to decorate in October every year lol).

So far we have on our list: cutting down our Christmas tree (done!), baking cookies for our neighbours (done!), watching Elf and White Christmas as a family, look at Christmas lights....and we still have a few more to figure out. We love buying gifts for friends, family and our children too. 

I've never really been up on my toy lingo, but when you have kids, toys obviously become a part of your world. Jake just discovered two new fun toys and it is fun watching him learn, create and use his imagination. 

VTech Go Go Smart Friends Treasure Mountain is a train track that is interactive. I personally did not have a ton of prior knowledge about Vtech except my husband kept bugging me to pick up some Vtech Toys for our son. The Go Go Smart Friends line from VTech is truly amazing. All the pieces are interchangeable and can go with any of the different sets. This set in particular is a mountain, complete with tunnels, ramps, cranes, rock towers and many interactive stops along the tracks. 

There is also a shape sorter where children can put in a shape, and then watch it roll down and automatically get loaded onto the train car. 

As a mom of two, one of the best parts I loved about this VTech toy was that Jake could snap together all of the train track himself! It was a wonderful independent activity for him. He followed the pictures on the box but then later on created his own train track as well. I love toys that spark a child's own creativity and imagination.

The bright colours, entertaining music and easy to click in train tracks made this toy a huge hit in our home! We already purchased a few extra VTech Go Go Smart Animal Friends and Vehicles to use as potty training incentives :)

The second toy from VTech we wanted to share with you was their new VTech DigiArt Creative Easel. We used to live in a townhouse and space always seemed to be an issue. It's funny how you bring these teeny tiny humans into the world but somehow they take up so much space! 

This creative easel allows children to draw on a whiteboard, create on a chalkboard and digitally practice drawing letters, shapes, numbers, pictures and anything else their mind can envision.

Whenever Jake is exploring something new Cairo and Kinlsey love to be involved. Before we know it the two littles will be colouring, drawing and printing numbers and letters like their big bro and cousin, Jake. I love that Jake can practice forming shapes, pictures and letters with the help of the VTech DigiArt Creative Easel. We explore our ABCs and numbers in many different ways at home and it is nice to be able for him to come and "play" and learn at the same time!

Check out VTech's extraordinary collection at Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us (we were just there today) or MasterMind Toys. I promise you, VTech will not disappoint.