Wonderland of Play

By now you must know I am a huge supporter of play. You might think, well duh, every mom loves when her kids play, but what I really mean is I value play. I see the importance of letting my kids play. Giving children time to develop their imagination and allowing children to be creative is an important part of childhood. My kids can play with sticks and rocks and dig the day away and some days we play with the most adorable woodland creatures!

Calico Critters has the right amount of tiny and adorable all mixed into one. Families of animal creatures with play structures encourages the perfect amount of imagination and my kids just love them! 

I so wish I had these growing up! Furry friends are fun at any age and I especially love the little details - like these little fins on mama doe :)

Anything that my two kids can play together is such a win. Have you tried Calico Critters with your kids?