Back to "School" Series : Wayfair

Step 2: Get Organized

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No our kids aren't in school and yes I feel confident with my decision to continue doing preschool at home with Jake, but there are definitely still things to do before the month of September hits and our summer days slip off into distant memory. 
We looked to Wayfair first to help with all of our organizational needs for our home as they have so much to choose from so my online shopping cart filled up quite quickly!

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We don't have a desk in our house but we did have a piece of wood lying around and thought we could make our own little desk that could be used for both crafting and also for Jake to sit and do a few preschool activities at this year. We took two of these 2 Drawer Filing Cabinets  and used them to be the base of our desk and added that piece of wood we had lying around.
And just like that, we are ready for our at-home preschool.  I love that I can organize the letter of the week or theme of the week right under the desk so that it is all ready to go whenever Jake and I have a few moments to play.

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We kept the top of the desk mostly clear to give Jake quite a bit of space to play around with. However, it is always important to me to have a little splash of greenery and colour. This White Berry Basket (on sale for $19.99) was the perfect holder for my sharpies and the Myrtle Topiary added a fresh feel (it's actually fake so my cats won't eat it!). 

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My sisters and I love spending time together so Lauren jumped at the chance to help us get organized and ready for a little at-home preschool. She will also get to be on maternity leave again this year as she welcomes a future at-home preschooler this November!

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Disclaimer: for some reason at this very moment, Cairo decided that he wanted to bite Lauren's finger. We didn't quite get it photographed but it's fun to remember that not all photoshoots run perfectly with our kids but we sure do love staying home with them. 

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It looks like Jake is all ready to go for his first official year doing school work with his sister and mom by his side (and daddy too some days!). I'll be sure to give you an update on how it goes with teaching an almost 4 year old, all while keeping an almost 2 year old happy and learning a little as well!