Bump Update: 2 weeks to go

I'm basically counting down the minutes at this point, just ready to get this sweet babe out of this body and into our arms. The last few weeks are kind of rough: I'm mostly uncomfortable, usually awake a lot in the night, and just so eager to see/meet this baby of ours that the time seems to tick by quite slowly. At this point I will take anything and everything to help me relax, put my feet up, and try to enjoy these last few moments of alone time with Cairo being our only child at home. 

Tetley Pregnancy-5.jpg

If you have been following my pregnancy at all, you will know that I have struggled with heartburn and lately have been getting sore throats due to it getting worse. Tea has helped soothe these sore throats and of course our family doesn't drink anything other than Tetley tea

Tetley Pregnancy-1.jpg
Tetley Pregnancy-3.jpg

I have always loved a good cup of tea in the morning (and sometimes at night too) but while being pregnant I have tried to always drink caffeine free teas. Tetley has some yummy herbal teas that I have recently been loving, especially Mint to Be and Warmth (rooibos-based cinnamon spice) as they are both caffeine free, safe for pregnancy, and a perfect pair to this beautiful fall/snowy weather we have been having. Oh and warmly soothing for sore throats too!

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If mint and cinnamon spice aren't your choice of flavours, Tetley has a huge range of different herbal teas that are safe for pregnancy that you can try. For these last two weeks i'll be sticking to my decaf tea and maybe asking for a foot massage or two from my husband ;)