Life Lately with Beau Hudson

As this year quickly comes to a close we have been reminiscing and looking back at some of our memories as families. One of the reasons we started this blog back in April was to be able to remember some of the highlights and lowlights we found in ourselves and our kids. Jake and Cairo both have their quirks and we wanted to remember a few things about each of them that either make us laugh or make us cry, or maybe a bit of both.

J A K E 

1. Jake woke up every morning in December and said "Mommy, is it Christmas yet?"

2. He can easily sing every word to Jingle Bells, but couldn't learn a single word to Silent Night for his Christmas production!

3. His latest catch phrase is "oooooohhhhhh" when he likes something!

4. Potty training. Oh man. Such a struggle. I don't even want to talk about it! Some days are amazing, other days it's as if we've never worn underwear before.

5. Lately he's been calling Wayne "Datty" instead of "Daddy". It is as if he has a bit of an English accent (wonder where he got that from?) #peppapig #thequeen 


1. Tamborine playing is his current favourite activity. I put on some music and he goes to town.

2. He says yes to just about everything and has developed a strong personality when he certainly does not want to do what he is told. 

3. My biggest struggle with Cairo these days? His incredible desire to stand in the bath tub. It is probably the thing he wants to do most in life and also probably the most dangerous. Any tips for encouraging him that sitting in the tub is ok would be appreciated.

4. He is walking everywhere with hardly any falls. He is waiting for his cousin Kinsley to catch up so they can walk and conquer the world together. ps size 6 shoes now. He is a tank.

5. Sleeping is still his best skill. Napping or at night, he rocks it and I know we have it so good as parents in this department #14hours.


All the amazing clothing you see is from one of our favourite shops: Beau Hudson. This amazing Australian based brand is one that you need to try as all of their clothing is high quality and fits our kids perfectly. We are big fans.

Cairo is in their denim jeans and I was matching with him today in their Beau Crew Neck Sweater.
Jake and Cairo both love their bandit beanies they have on and in winter/fall months they wear them all the time. Jake is also wearing Beau Hudson black denim jegs and their denim blue marle cardigan. The quality and care that is put into Beau Hudson's clothing is incredible. Each piece we own has great durability and with kids, that is a must! Plus, Beau Hudson creates the most stylish pieces which are so versatile and easy to mix and match.
We can't wait for their spring collection to come out!

That's life lately with us. What about us and Kinsley....stay tuned. Kinsley is constantly keeping us all on our toes :)