Love for Canada Part 1

Are you ready for the big weekend?!! This Saturday we are celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday! For me personally, Canada Day is usually a time when I get together with friends and family and eat, drink and play games in honour of the freedom we have here in Canada. Sometimes something as simple as a backyard BBQ can bring the most joy, love and laughter! My sister and I partnered with Winners and Marshalls Canada to create a cozy and beautiful backyard BBQ celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday. 

Winners Canada Day-14.jpg

Our love for Canada runs deep and we know that it is such a privilege to live in such an amazing country. This past weekend my family was on the Sunshine Coast and I was again reminded of what a beautiful country we live in! The beaches, the mountains, the water, the wildlife, the people, the love, the freedom....just BLESSED!

Winners Canada Day-11.jpg

We get to take vacations both in Canada and the U.S. and it was actually in Palm Springs, CA where I first fell in love with Marshalls. So when Marshalls Canada first arrived, I was so excited and so was my mom and sisters! I love that they offer a wide assortment of brands and styles at affordable prices. You never know what cute dress, stylish shoes or new notepad you will find!

Winners Canada Day-13.jpg

Because it is Canada's 150th birthday, my sister and I wanted to create a beautiful backyard BBQ - our favourite way to celebrate any occasion! We knew we needed to add some pops of red, but we wanted to soften our tablescape by adding in some light blues and whites. This allowed the "Canada Red" to really pop and those mini Canada flags were so cute!! 

Winners Canada Day-12.jpg

This bag.....all the heart eyes! Under $20! You can't beat that price!!  It will be my summer staple for beach days and Fort Langley walks. 

Winners Canada Day-8.jpg

We wanted to create something beautiful but also wanted to give the feeling of our home and native land. We added local and handpicked flowers from our neighbourhood, set up under our mom's large maple tree and added a few sparklers to celebrate!

(Side Note - Jake's shirt - Only $5 - yes please!) 

No party is complete without some good eats. We teamed up with Meridian Meats in Walnut Grove and their steak and prawn combo was on point! Add in a twice baked potato and a few different types of salads and our dinner party was set. Meridian Meats is a family business and are known for fresh and local food options - our favourite was their teriyaki steak and I think we all ate a few skewers of prawns each! Ridiculously yummy. (We even forgot to pick up one item and the store owner hand delivered it to our house! Talk about customer service!! )

A family BBQ is one of the best ways to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday - how will you and your family celebrate this weekend?

This post is sponsored by Winners and Marshalls Canada but all words and opinions are our own.