Fort Langley: Time well spent

The easy, slow months of summer are long gone as the busy months of the fall come crashing in all at once. We are jam-packed these next few weeks/months leading up to Christmas (yes I just said Christmas!):
Celebrating Kinsley & Cairo turning one + Jake's 3rd Birthday + a fall ladies event that we are hosting + Lauren is heading back to work + Chelsea is teaching one day a week = so much to do and not enough hours in the day (basically the story of every mom's life).

So obviously we should take a day off planning and cleaning (cause when you have Monday's weather, you just don't clean) and head to Fort Langley! #allplayNOwork. We think it is so important to have an open day sometimes and just explore the city around you.

We (and I think every other person in the Fraser Valley) love Fort Langley for quite of few reasons but one of them is that we usually find a new fun place to explore every time we visit. There are new shops opening every time we go or we find a new trail to follow. This big tree was just inside Bedford Landing right near a set of train tracks - great photo-op and train spotting location #winwin

Our days of adventures may get fewer and farther in between as the weather may change but we are so thankful to have a company like Janie and Jack to outfit our little ones in some fall classics.  

We are loving the fall sunshine but are finding it is still chilly in the morning and at night. Our solution to this problem is layering!. A nice fall jacket or vest over a long sleeve or button up shirt allows us to be warm and then shed a layer when that beautiful sunshine comes out. Hunter boots are perfect for our rainy Vancouver weather and we would love to own a pair in every color! 

Peek-a-boo Kins! This little girl is one tomorrow (cue happy/sad tears) and she is all kinds of goofiness!

These mamas were dying for some strong coffee and a bite to eat and the kids needed a snack so we found some benches right outside Blacksmith Bakery that were perfect.

Jake has a love/hate relationship with dinosaurs lately but this morning was a LOVE moment because we found this dinosaur cookie at Blacksmith Bakery.  

These may all seem like small moments in our day, but for us these small moments are the ones we treasure the most. It really was a great morning to put aside all the work that needed to be done and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather in the perfect head to toe outfits from Janie & Jack ....but it's back to work now to plan and prepare for some great events in October!  #bringonthecoffee. 

So if you are in need of some fall layers for your kids, check out Janie & Jack for some classic styles that are sure be a hit this Fall.

*This post is sponsored by Janie & Jack and all comments/opinions are our own