We have had a busy few weeks with home renovations (we will get to share all about that soon), a trip to Florida, and Lauren and David celebrating 4 years of marriage on July 1st. We were in need of a day in the sun so we halted anything that was on our to-do list when our friend Tanja invited us to the beach! Salty air and wind in our hair is therapeutic for the soul and just what we needed to rejuvenate.

Crescent beach is about 10 minutes down the road from Lauren's house so it quickly has become our go-to beach. We live in such a beautiful place and love that there are tons of beaches and mountains - rare beauty and it definitely leaves us in awe of God's creation.

See that house there on the right? I want to own it one day. One can dream....

Messy buns, barefoot log jumping....Ella knows how to do summer right!

These two were infatuated with Kinsley. They kept making her smile and laugh! Maybe their mom will let me bring them home for a week - never too young to babysit right?! Just joking!

Beach bums!! My favourite picture :)

Sometimes I like to save new toys for the beach so I brought some toys from Nuby (Canadian company) to the beach today for the kids to try out in the sand and water. Bath toys aren't just for at home - they are perfect for anytime, anywhere!
A successful day is when all toys are wet and covered in sand - let the car vacuuming commence!

If you can eat and play at the same time you can pretty much do anything. Nuby's toys are fun at any age and the Penguin Bath Squirter (exclusively at Walmart) was a hit at the beach!

We also brought these Splish Splash Stacking Cups that were great for filling up and pouring out water at the beach!

When I scroll back through pictures of our day at the beach with friends and this one pops us, I can't help but smile. These ladies are all a part of my village. My village that encourages me, helps watch my kids, challenges me and constantly make me smile. We know the saying all too well that "It takes a village" and I am so grateful that these ladies are a part of mine.