Stocking Traditions

When my husband and I got married, our first Christmas together was so special. It was the year we had a huge dump of snow and I remember everyone having to come out and push our car into my parent's driveway on Christmas Eve because it was stuck in the snow!
Being newly married, we got to experience our first Christmas together and noticed our similarities and differences when it comes to Christmas. Wayne and I share some of the same traditions however there was also some things we did differently growing up. Now, with kids of our own, we are repeating old traditions we both love and also adding new ones that we want our children to love and cherish. 

Stockings are one of the traditions that we both had growing up and both of ours would always have an orange at the bottom that we would find among other things on Christmas morning. We have continued that tradition with our family and also added a new one because when Wayne opened his stocking growing up, every single gift was wrapped!! Craziness! We have adopted that tradition as well and to be honest, it adds another element of surprise. 

In honour of our traditions, we came up with a few items that might give you some new inspiration for gifts or stocking stuffers for your "his" or "her" stockings. 

With so many great companies out there, its hard to narrow our list down but we think these ideas are new and exciting and we hope that you can find one unique item to throw into a stocking this year.

We have two great gift ideas from Herschel depending on what you are shopping for. Their all black Chapter Travel Kit is money if you have a husband who constantly is putting his toiletries in a plastic bag each time he travels. We filled his with Whole Blends Honey shampoo and condition from Garnier for an extra bit of sweetness. For the wives we tucked in a beautiful black Casey Clutch with gold detail. We love how the classic black will be the perfect carry all for any holiday party! We added a few holiday coloured nail polish from Essie and some lip colours from Maybelline

With an early wake-up on Christmas morning, it is nice to pop in a piece of fresh mint PUR gum. Actually, I have kids so there are early wake-ups every morning! We are PUR gum fans as they make their gum with the best ingredients and without any aspartame. I wanted to stay away from aspartame while I was pregnant with Jake and I have been a PUR gum fan ever since! Grab a couple packs of gum or mints to throw into a stocking this Christmas.

These knives from Kuhn Rikon are seriously the best. I use them everyday and I love that you can pick any colour. My husband loves to cook so these are perfect to slip into his stocking. 

For us, we always include chocolate in our stockings. We got this assortment from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and it is seriously half gone. I'm putting some aside right now so I have some to include in my husband's stocking this year! The Assorted Chocolates that come in those triangle boxes are a perfect gift for a work party you have to go to or even your neighbours down the street.

This was a new and awesome find for us this year! Game Day Box is a subscription for girls or guys who have a favourite sports team. You can pick a couple teams or just one team, list your hat and shirt size, and on your doorstep arrives an incredible assortment of all things from the team you root for! We especially love the New York Yankees t-shirts, metal decals for the car, and the Boston Red Sox ladies jacket. If you have a sports fan in your life, your shopping is officially done!

We know there are so many ideas out there for stocking stuffers but we wanted to add a couple of items we will be including this year. If you are like me, you still have a few gifts left to buy so we hope you can find something to include from our list!